Achieve Behavior Partners is now offering school psychology services provided by licensed and certified school psychologists.  Services are provided at the South Tampa Clinic location and include psychoeducational assessments, consultation services, counseling, and parent training.


Is your child a high achiever and in need of a more challenging environment? Or are you concerned about your child’s progress and need a comprehensive evaluation? Are you looking for accommodations for your college-bound student? Our licensed and certified school psychologists will provide a thorough evaluation including intellectual, academic, cognitive processing, adaptive, and behavioral assessment.

Our team can provide customized comprehensive assessments for your child. A multi-faceted assessment will lead to appropriate accommodations and interventions. Some areas of assessment include:

  • Giftedness
  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention concerns
  • Executive functioning
  • Academic concerns
  • Kindergarten readiness.

Please contact our team to develop a customized assessment plan to help your child achieve his or her full potential.

Parent Consultation: 

Often families become overwhelmed when navigating school and community resources.  Our licensed and certified school psychologists can help to define what your child or adolescent may need and help empower families to reach out to available professionals and find appropriate support.  Consultation may include:

  • Parental Concerns
  • Educational Needs
  • Intervention Support for Parents and Schools
  • Navigating the School System
  • Assessing Community Resources

Counseling Services:

Often times the emotional stressors placed on our children can generate obstacles in developing important life skills.  At Achieve, we believe in providing children and adolescent youth with the tools necessary to navigate these obstacles while utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach with the parent being the expert on their child.  Our licensed school psychologists proactively respond to the social and emotional needs of youth in the community and provide a safe and non-judgemental place for support and guidance.   Services are currently offered in English and Spanish.  Achieve offers counseling in the following areas:

  • Anxiety & Mild Depression
  • Coping with a Life Event
  • Anger Management
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Socialization Issues

HOT DOCS Parent Training Classes:

Learn positive parenting strategies through this seven-week course designed for parents of young children. Enjoy small group training and individualized consultation, provided by a licensed and nationally certified school psychologist and HOT DOCS trainer at our South Tampa location

This course provides environmental strategies and positive behavior intervention strategies to assist parents experiencing behavioral challenges with their toddler and preschool aged children such as, whining and tantrums.  Increasing parenting skills will help encourage healthy social and emotional development in children and promote healthy family relationships.  Our certified trainer will provide individualized assistance as needed.

  • 7 week, 2 1/2 hour course
  • Small group training
  • Additional individual consultation with trainer